In August of 2019, Zoë Robins was announced as the Wisdom of Emonds Field. Nynaeve al'Meara is one of the leading roles in Amazon Prime's "The Wheel of Time" television series. Here is why Robins is the Wisdom.

Actor Profile

Zoë Robins is probably best known for her role as the White Power Ranger in the "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" TV series.

She was in the show for two seasons from 2017-2018. The following clip show's her acting ability a bit more than the above one.

Not many Nynaeve vibes there, but the acting isn't terrible. She did gain some valuable experience acting opposite an expressionless(stonefaced) actor, which should come in handy.


Robins was also in two episodes(Utopia and Breakline) of the first season of "The Shannara Chronicles" where she played Zora the Elf Hunter.

Other credits include The New Tomorrow (2005), The Killian Curse (2006), Shortland Street (2016), The Finest (2018), The Brokenwood Mysteries (2019) and Black Christmas (2019).

Any Nynaeve in there?

Below is an interview with TV NZ from earlier in the year(May 2020) when the show was shutdown for Covid, in which Robin's talks about the Wheel of Time show.


On Shannara

I love doing fantasy too, and my character Zora is so much cooler than I am! Haha! I had to have archery training for that which was a lot of fun.

What role made her want to act

It was Dakota Fanning in a role.. it may have been in I am Sam or Charlotte’s Webb - I can’t actually remember the specifics. But I do remember watching her and thinking “Oh that’s it. That’s the thing I want to do.”

The Journey

Big sister Nynaeve
Wisdom in brushing
Bratty Nynaeve
The Braid is Nynaeve

Zoë is Nynaeve

While none of Robins previous roles scream Nynaeve or inspire huge amounts of confidence, some of her photos do have the look and the water challenge video perhaps gives us glimpses of the Wisdom. She certainly seems capable of pulling off the hypocritical comic relief of Nynaeve with a straight face.

Whether or not she will be able to nail the braid tug and step up her game to the level we all expect from Nynaeve, we'll have to WAFO!