Canaries in the Tinker wagon, the Velká Amerika mystery, 14 reasons to love The Wheel of Time and more in this weeks recap.

The Wheel of Time on Prime

Daryl McCormack who will be playing Aram the Tinker with attitude, appeared on the Irishman Abroad podcast this past week. He talked a bit about The Wheel of Time and WoT Theory put together a YouTube video of all his comments.

The most interesting part was that Daryl mentioned that WoT had filmed in the Canary Islands. This was a surprise to everyone who has been following the shows production, as there hadn't been any indication that filming had occurred there. One could write it off as a mistake by Daryl, but it has been noted that Josha Stradowski(Rand) did post a photo from, or to be more precise, above Canary Island on January 5th.

January 5th 2020 was about the same time some cast members were back in Prague to restart shooting after the Christmas break. It's possible that Josha was there on holiday, as it is a popular vacation spot, but it does seem a bit coincidental. It's certainly possible that some filming involving Rand, did occur there. The detectives over at will likely find something if there is anything to be found.

On the subject of WoTseries, if you browse through their past articles, you'll see a story about a mystery set from 2019 that they believe to be for WoT.

New Set Photo of WoT Village - Wheel of Time TV Series
Twitter user and leading Hunter of the Horn @geekyeri has uncovered yet another group of potential set photos. This is likely one of the villages from The Great Hunt. Here’s a potential passage describing one of the villages, The Hunt Begins (TGH, chapter 10):After a

Geekyeri lays out why they believe the set to be for WoT in her Block two filming video. The evidence seems a bit slim, as there were other fantasy type shows filming in the Czech Republic in November, but they seem pretty certain, so perhaps there is more intel that they haven't shared.

WAFO did some digging, and while we were not able to definitively confirm whether or not the set was used for The Wheel of Time, we did find what looks to be a new photo of the set from ground level.

Looks like a cart/wagon and horse were involved

The person taking the photo does appear to have worked on WoT in 2020, but we were unable to confirm that they were working on the show back in 2019.

Recappa watches and reacts to Winter Dragon, the Wheel of Time TV pilot from Red Eagle Entertainment
Lots of Demons!
A quick, nerdy deep-dive into Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy series for those who are on the pagan path.

WoT a Fandom

Alexander Pappas wrote a really really really long essay, listing 14 reasons why he loved The Wheel of Time.

I’m In Love With The Wheel of Time
This essay will feature spoilers for the entire series. I will make several requests of you. First, if you have not read The Wheel of Time but plan on doing so, then please stop reading now and do…
One summer, near the beginning of my career as an undergraduate student at university, I was walking through a bookstore with my family. We were planning a trip, I was looking for a good book to read, and my interests guided me to the fantasy section. It was there that I saw the cover of the mass-market paperback brick that was the first book of The Wheel of Time; The Eye of The World. The classic style cover art by Mr. Sweet captured my attention, and I knew immediately that this book was probably something special. I don’t even like Mr. Sweet’s art that much to be honest, but there was something about it that felt… quintessential fantasy.

Artists gonna art:

Christmas is just around the corner...some shopping ideas:

Cool WoT repurposing idea of the week:

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