From False Dragons and Kings in Ghealdan, to Heron-marked blades and a Showrunner Q&A, its been quite a week in WoTdom. Lets get into it!

The Wheel of Time on Prime

Filming for the show took place in Segovia Spain at the beginning of the week. A couple of local papers covered it and a few photos gave us a good idea of what was being filmed at the Alcázar of Segovia.

Terrace of the Well
The Terrace of the Moors

The three stars of the Ghealdan flag were spotted above the front entrance on the Terrace of the Moors and on The Terrace of the Well, that is also known as the Terrace of Kings, which is appropriate as discovered that actor Miguel Álvarez has been cast as the King of Ghealdan.

Scoop: Four New Cast, New Director, and New Cinematographer Wrap in Segovia - Wheel of Time TV Series
The Wheel of Time recently filmed in the Alcázar at Segovia, Spain. With this shoot, new cast and crew have joined the production, and we can report the addition of four new […]

Álvaro Morte was also in town. It's likely the two ran into each other. @nineradvocate on twitter speculated that one of the scenes shot would be the Ghealdan King stripping Logain of his titles.

WoTonPrime gave us our first official look at Rand's sword.

Reactions varied but it was generally well received. WoTonPrime also let us know that there would be more coming.

Consistency would be nice 

Rafe Judkins, the Showrunner for the show answered 10 questions to celebrate the release of "Crafting the Blade". Here are a few of the answers.

You can read a transcript of the full Q&A here thanks to u/The-Internet-Sir.

A Tale of Two Previews or WoT a Lark!


Yeah, think I'm going to pass on Wheel of Time myself. I got a survey to review the first three episodes and bailed after 30 minutes. There was no way I could stand to sit through 3 hours of that.
I had no familiarity with the series and it felt like the show assumed you did. A lot was going on with no back story and I felt lost. I needed a reason to care and there wasn't one. (Just for clarification, I'm big into sci-fi, fantasy, stereotypical "nerd" stuff, etc. so the show would seemingly be up my alley.)
The only actor I even remotely recognized was Rosamund Pike (not that that matters) but there was an amateurish feel as a result.


That is the reason I joined this group. I just finished watching the preview of the 3 episodes. Had never heard of the books, not a huge reader myself, but honestly this series WILL be good! Obviously can't share any other details.
Who knows... I've never been a book reader, so I doubt it, but I'll research and read stories/summaries if I find them. Open to suggestions if anyone knows on reading a summary of them.
I've been doing research surveys for Amazon for years now. Seen so many different series previews. Have to honesty say this has been one of the most exciting ones I've previewed. After reading up on the story and reading the synopsis of the 1st book, they are really doing a good job at it.

Can you guess which one was meet with disbelief, scorn and outright hostility by the fandom and which was meet with mild scepticism and hope?

Weaves of the Wheel gave us a teaser of a possible spin-off.


The Gleeman dives deep into the critically acclaimed but little known Wheel of Time PC game.

Released in 1999, The Wheel of Time game is a first person shooter where players take on the role of an Aes Sedai. Simultaneously adored and maligned by the greater The Wheel of Time fandom, the game is an interesting crossroad in the history of both the book series and the video game industry.

Elliot from Thred. takes a look at the "Is the Wheel of Time sexist" question.

And we're back in Randland! And this time Elliot is talking about a topic that stalks the series in every forum and comment section... Is The Wheel of Time sexist? Looking into both sides of the argument, Elliot discusses the ways in which the TV show should address the criticism to make sure it's a positive force for promoting equality.

WoT a Fandom

Instagram user WoT.fanart is cranking out some great art of different WoT locales.

The Spare of Time gives us a another spin-off in the making.

Lan may have something to say about that.

And if it gets past him, the Aiel are bound to put it down.

If not, Perrin will axe it!

Can't top that pun!