Alanna foretells, Egwene shares and it is the season to be jolly. Not a lot happening as the year winds down, but lets take a look at some of the WoT from the past week.

The Wheel of Time on Prime

Priyanka Bose who will be playing Alanna Sedai answered some questions on her Instagram story. She answered one WoT related question.

What "soon" means differs from person to person, so "soon" could mean anything. Bose likely does not know when the show will actually air or when the air date will be released and is just throwing "soon" out there, as unless something goes majorly wrong in post production or if filming doesn't resume, we will likely find out "soon".

Madeleine Madden shared some photos of the cast and crew hanging out in Prague(not in costume).

In this touching Wheel Talk holiday special, Bair and Amys teach Aviendha the true meaning of Christmas. Or at least, Bair and Amys TRY to teach Aviendha. That child has toh.
Wheel of Time Spoilers! Join my guests, Vance of The Gleeman Channel, Delusions of Graendal, and the Amyrlin of Shannan, as we dig into what makes the female Forsaken tick, specifically focused on Moghedien, Graendal, and Lanfear for this episode, as we work to determine who deserves the Chosen title most. Will we convince you?

WoT a Fandom

Brick of Time brings Lan and Rand to life as LEGO.

Some handy WoT Christmas ink.

Secret Santa delivers for one lucky fan.

Fantasy Logic bemoans the loss of the original WoT cover art.

The Newest Mass Market Paperback Covers for The Wheel of Time Are Just Plain Awful
I began my journey with The Wheel of Time series several years ago. I remember having to go to the bookstore every few days to buy the next book. The covers for the books were each uniquely differe…
One other possible explanation for the new covers I can think of has something to do with the new Amazon Prime series based on the books set to come out soon. Perhaps the showrunners thought the original covers were not a good representation for their vision for the show, or maybe they wanted neutral covers since the depiction of some characters on the show vary drastically from the descriptions in the books and the illustrations on the original covers. Whatever the reason, it is a shame that new readers to the series will have these horrible covers. I really hope the publisher reprints the series with the original covers at some point.

Enjoy book Thom art while you can.

Have a great Christmas! WoT a Week will be back "soon" in the new Year.