Marcus Rutherford was announced as Perrin Aybara, one of the leading roles in Amazon Prime's "The Wheel of Time" television series in August of 2019. Here is why Rutherford is Aybara.

Actor Profile

Marcus' acting resume is short. He was in four episodes of season 2 of "Bulletproof" and has been in a few short films and independent movies. His role in "Obey" is the most notable.

In the following interview Marcus talks about his background and role in Obey.

Here are a couple of trailers that give a glimpse of his range.

If you are in the US or UK, you can rent "Obey" on Amazon Prime Video. Outside of those two countries it may be harder to watch legally.

Quotes on acting: source

I’m always kind of drawn to characters or stories or people who seem a little bit like they don’t really fit in that much, for all different reason
I’ve always been ridiculously shy and reserved. If I had to do a presentation in school, I’d worry about it for a week beforehand. But if there was a drama class and you had to pretend to be someone else, or perform on stage for whatever reason, I didn’t care if people were looking, I didn’t care about the social anxiety of it all. So, I think for me, it’s always been about escaping, finding different stories, different characters to explore.

The Journey

Dancing Perrin
Cold Perrin
Happy Perrin
Chill Perrin

Marcus is Perrin

While one of the least experienced actors cast in the show, Rutherford based on his past performances excels at being able to portray dark, intense and brooding characters. All characteristics which Perrin has in spades.

Will he be able to pull off the shaggy golden-eyed look? WAFO!