Madeleine Madden was announced as Egwene al'Vere, one of the leading roles in Amazon Prime's "The Wheel of Time" television series in August of 2019. Here is why Madden is Egwene.

Actor Profile

A good showcase of Madden's acting ability is this collection of some of her scenes from "A Picnic at Hanging Rock". Much quicker than watching the entire series for those that are time poor.

The following clip from "Ready for this", shows how Madden could let Rand know she "doesn't like him like that". She is also sporting a braid which is a nice glimpse of things to come.

Madeleine has many years of experience acting in Australian productions. Around 14 different TV roles, as well as multiple short films and one major Hollywood production, "Dora and the Lost City of Gold", in which she played Sammy Moore.

Another interesting clip worth a watch is how she prepared for her role in "Tidelands".

Quotes on acting and what drives her:

I’ve always been a bit of a Star Wars nerd, so I would love to be apart of a Star Wars film. Stepping into that kind of world would be something that I would love to do. Especially because Star Wars has such strong female protagonists in the franchise and I would love to join their ranks in my life time.
I just have that kind of drive to just represent and stand up for the community. I guess that’s really important to me. That’s what really drives me,” she says. “If I know that I’m doing something that will help people and hopefully change lives, or perceptions, that’s what gets me going.
I feel like every child puts on little shows, but that imaginative little kid has always been with me, so I guess acting was a way to keep that child-like imagination or spirit. Becoming a character and falling, diving headfirst into a role or a story – that’s what I loved about it.

The Journey

Controlling Egwene
Mysterious Egwene
Caring Egwene

                    Breathless Egwene

Braidy Egwene

Madeleine is Egwene

Looking at Madden's personal experiences and the previous roles she has played, it is hard to not think that this is the perfect role for her. It may not be a leading role in a Star Wars movie, but playing Egwene could very well make her forget about that dream. Egwene is a very decisive character amongst the book fandom, but you'd be hard pressed to find a stronger protagonist in the SFF genre.

Will Madden pull it off? WAFO!